QY moulding is an ambitious company. Not only on the business front but also in other aspects of society. QY moulding is continuously streamlining its operations. From 800 employees in 2003, making indiscriminate products for the domestic market, the company has evolved to 350 professionals involved in R&D and making plastic components for the overseas market. Today, QY moulding is ISO 9001 certified and a sustainable manufacturer for highly demanding Japanese companies like Sony and Toyota.

Honesty and integrity are important values for QY moulding. Although we endeavour to provide fair and equal opportunities to our workers, male and female alike, the reality is that our factory is situated in China and under pressure to compete. We welcome you, our customers, to visit our facilities and to interact with us. We will gladly tell you how we try to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the working conditions of our employees. Our ambition: "Moulds from QY moulding. Made with a smile."

By gradually optimizing our production processes and by pursuing sustainability through step by step innovation, QY moulding aspires to play a responsible role in treating plastic waste disposal. This is done in close cooperation with our team in The Netherlands.