Excellent tools for injection moulding

QY moulding is an ISO 9001 certified Chinese mould manufacturer that specializes in making excellent tools for injection moulding companies. Samples are produced in the factory in China, where we operate approximately 40 injection moulding machines. The factory has its own legal entity in The Netherlands and international staff. 

QY moulding has vast experience in the mould making industry, from relatively simple small moulds to more complex large multiple cavity moulds. 

Making moulds is a highly skilled and labour intensive trade that requires expertise in manual machining, CNC machining, CNC wire EDM, CNC Ram EDM, surface grinding, and, last but not least, hand polishing. 

Due to its abundance of skilled engineers, mould making is often outsourced to China. 

QY moulding is one of the earliest and most knowledgeable Chinese mould manufacturers. We have experience in dealing with foreign clients and we understand how crucial it is to meet specifications and deadlines. Unlike some of our competitors we do not take irresponsible shorcuts and we do not compromise on quality. This explicitely includes the quality of our communication

Our aim is to build long term relationships and we believe it is in our best interest to help our clients produce the best possible product at the most attractive price. 

We are a responsible and dynamic company. We are QY moulding.